Project Features
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Project Features

Tunnel Construction
  • The 2.8km long tunnel connecting Kowloon Byewash Reservoir and Lower Shing Mun Reservoir is constructed by a Double-shielded Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).

  • The TBM's are equipped with multi-functional features. These include drilling, excavating, removing soils and mucking out etc. In addition, the precast concrete tunneling lining segments will be installed onto the excavated tunnel surface with the aid of the TBM

TBM Details

Diameter: 3m
Total Length: 147m
Cutterhead features: 24 no. of 17’cutter disc

Side view of the Tunnel Boring Machine

Front view of the
Tunnel Boring Machine cutter head

Benefits of Tunneling Method
  • The excavation of the tunnel was carried out underground to minimize Impacts to the Environment
  • During excavation, the tunnel boring machine is able to simultaneously install the precast segmental linings to shorten the construction duration.